Learning on industrial machines from Heesemann

Melle is a small town in southern Lower Saxony, near the border of North Rhine-Westphalia. A little less than 50,000 people live there between the Wiehen Mountains and the Teutoburg Forest. Wood processing has always been a very central economic factor in Melle. And since it was founded in 1991, the Fachschule Holztechnik Melle (FHM) has ensured that the region does not run out of skilled workers for this important branch.

Over the years, more than 600 young people have been trained here to become state-certified technicians specializing in wood technology. “We don’t just want to teach the students how handcrafted work is done, but above all how industrial work is done,” explains Martin Kasselmann, head of production at FHM. Heesemann sponsored the technical school with a MFA Impression. The versatility of the machine is particularly valuable, as it gives students the opportunity to get to know many different areas of application. “With the Heesemann you can not only do standards such as calibration or veneer sanding, you can also do a lot of special things. We want to pass on these experiences and skills to our students. ”describes Kasselmann the benefits of the MFA Impression for the school.