2021 – Heesemann transformation

Realignment of Heesemann – new goals, tried and tested quality

In a successful company, processes, products and procedures but foremost strategies have to be examined regularly. This of course also includes the external appearance and communication. This is why Heesemann’s strategic reorientation was accompanied by a comprehensive overhaul of many media including the internet presence.

Equal rights for metals

In the almost 100 years of company history, Heesemann has rarely seen so many new impulses and development steps in such a short time as in the last five years. The decision to also offer metal grinding and deburring machines in the future was the first step into a new era. Innovative technologies such as KinematIQ and highly efficient units such as the RUT or RUL show: Heesemann has been the technology leader from the start and has proven the outstanding quality of its own machines in the metal sector as well. “Our machines offer so many USPs that we are sure: once potential customers take notice of Heesemann and understand our concepts, the quality of our products will convince them all by themselves,” says CEO Christoph Giese.

Heesemann metal grinding machines impress the technical press

Meanwhile, another important target group has already noticed the quality of the Heesemann metal grinding machines. BLECH and blechnet, two of the most reupdated industry journals, have reported several times about innovations from Bad Oeynhausen. “For a long time the market for metal grinding machines was quite static. With the entry of the world market leader in wood grinding machines, there is of course movement – and Heesemann shows right from the start that a lot of the know-how can be transferred to the new area,” explains Markus Lindörfer, Vice President of the deburring technology division, of the high level of attention.

The new website – plenty of space for everything important

The relaunch of the Heesemann website was of course in the foreground when realigning our own communication. It is not only more modern and tidier than its predecessor, but also has practical and intuitive user guidance. The possibility to select a material by using small sliders allows the respective visitor to only see the content that is of interest to him or her. In addition, three of the most important areas have been given a lot of freedom. The “work room” shows the different grinding applications, in the “machine room” visitors get to know the various Heesemann models and in the “reference room” visitors can find news about the company, our products and projects.

Try the configurator and find the right machine

New visitors can also be comfortably guided to their new Heesemann machine. In the machine configurator you define parameters such as define parameters such as the desired grinding applications, working width or feed rate, and then get exactly the machines that meet the requirements. Within a minute, all visitors of the new website should be able to see which Heesemann is the right one for them – and can then dive deeper into the world of sanding.