Heesemann presents world premiere at the Blechexpo: 100% uniform rounding thanks to the revolutionary KinematIQ calculation method and RUL units

Press release 25.10.2021

At a glance:

  • KinematIQ is the first calculation method developed which is capable of predicting the rounding results based on the machine’s kinematics.
  • Heesemann presents the RUL unit for 100% uniform edge rounding at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Thanks to these two innovations, Heesemann was nominated for the Blechexpo Award in the surface technology category and successfully numbered among the shortlist of finalists

Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG presents two innovations at the 15th  Blechexpo in Stuttgart. The international trade fair for metalworking will take place from 26-29.10.2021 for the 15th time and will draw visitors from all over the world to Stuttgart. Heesemann will have a booth in Hall 5 where it will exhibit two metal grinding machines from the profiRounder series. The focus will be on Heesemann’s two innovations KinematIQ and RUL, both of which have been nominated for the Blechexpo Award and already rank among the top 3 innovations in the surface processing category ahead of the event. The prize is a collaboration between Blechnet and MM Maschinenmarkt and is awarded for the most innovative exhibits on Tuesday at the Blechexpo.

Heesemann’s specially developed KinematIQ software is capable of calculating the edge rounding of any brush unit on the basis of kinematics, enabling the development of perfect units. If a machine’s kinematic data is known, the intensity and uniformity of the rounding can be predicted down to the last detail. This creates major potential when developing new grinding units for rounding and deburring.

The RUL unit was developed with the help of KinematIQ. This new system rounds both intensively and uniformly with regard to both the geometry of the workpiece edges and the workpiece placement on the transport belt. The RUL unit consists of 6 revolving satellites, each of which carries a 370 mm wide and 350 mm diameter sanding lamella roller. Due to the orbital motion of the satellites combined with their rotation around both their vertical and horizontal axes, the system processes the workpieces with equal intensity from every direction. No other brushing process on the market achieves these results. The speed of the rotation, orbit and feed can be adjusted step closely. Thanks to the unique kinematics, pressure rollers can also be used in addition to the vacuum to hold the workpieces on the conveyor belt. This is a unique advantage, particularly when working with long and narrow parts and also for warped workpieces.

Markus Lindörfer, Business Unit Manager Deburring Technology at Heesemann: “Workpieces are rounded with unmatched uniformity. Abrasives or energy are no longer wasted. In addition, this also ensures that the machines are equipped with sufficient tools to achieve excellent stock removal even at high feed rates.”

The low space requirement together with the ability to use additional pressure rollers are other major advantages.  Classic “rotor” systems cannot utilize pressure rollers because the diameter of the rotors often exceeds 1,600 mm. In addition, this also makes the machines longer and also increases the feed time of the individual workpieces. With an overall length of just 1,000 mm, the RUL has very compact dimensions. An additional pressure roller is used between the two tool paths and serves to securely hold long, narrow workpieces, for example, even if they are warped.

“The new kinematics enable us to achieve outstanding results with homogeneous tool wear and unrivaled productivity. These innovations are not limited to the sheet metal sector but can also be adapted for use with software-based process optimization in woodworking. One of Heesemann’s declared goals is to create synergies between these two divisions and to ensure knowledge transfer which our customers in both the wood and metal sectors can benefit from”, summarizes Managing Director Christoph Giese.


Heesemann presents the innovations from 26.-29.10.2021 at the Blechexpo in Stuttgart. Hall 5, booth 5503.