Creative sanding

Effects like saw cut patterns, random troughs or vintage look are a big trend in furniture and wooden floor industry. The rustic and striking look suggests the impression of handmade samples and highlights the naturalness of the wood. Typical signs of wear of an used wooden floor are imitated with special techniques to give rooms a touch of good old times. For example deepenings and patterns are produced to imitate the aging of the floor.Heesemann recognized this trend at an early stage and is able to achieve these looks automatically in feed through operation. Based on the unique CSD® magnetic pressure beam system in combination with an innovative control software every user of Heesemann machines can achieve the desired effects. Whether if it is saw-cut patterns, random troughs or vintage look – Heesemann delivers the right solution for achieving marvelous surfaces.

An important mark of quality at machine-made effects in wood is the random distribution of patterns, appearing randomly and totally naturally. The electronic Heesemann method has great advantages compared to mechanically controlled methods of our competitors. The pressure beam is activated with nearly no time lag and makes it possible to create patterns and effects with highest precision. The flexibility of the Heesemann system is an additional plus for the user. Using the operating terminal various patterns and effects can be programmed and saved. This results in minimum set-up times.