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Heesemann machines for metal processing: profiRounder deburring and edge rounding system

profiRounder is available in two dofferent variants.

Construction of the profiRounder deburring systems

Our deburring machines consist of a robust machine frame with integrated grinding units and a continuous conveyor belt. To deburr a sheet, it is placed on the conveyor belt. Larger components are held on the conveyor belt by pressure rollers, smaller components by a vacuum. Parts move through the machine and are deburred and rounded on one side. The oxide layer on the narrow sides can also be removed in this passage. A following grinding and / or brushing unit can be used to create ground / brushed surfaces and the desired roughness. By turning the sheet metal, it is machined on both sides. This gives you a comprehensive result when deburring sheet metal. The workpiece thickness is entered centrally via a touchscreen. The speed of rotation of the grinding heads and the speed of the conveyor belt can also be set here. This makes it easier to deburr the sheet metal with different materials or burr sizes and makes the machine more efficient in its operation.

profiRounder is the first freely configurable system for the dry processing of all metals. It was designed for the dry mixed processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper.

The complete design of the machine offers maximum flexibility. Contact roller units, brush rollers, disc brushes and lamella roller units can be freely combined. Machines can be configured with up to 6 units.

The profiRounder was developed to handle all industrial production applications in one machine: slag removal, deburring, edge rounding up to 2 mm, oxide removal, surface grinding and finishing. The virtually maintenance-free design guarantees the greatest availability.

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