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For many, Heesemann is the epitome of grinding. As the world market leader in the field of wood grinding machines, we can rightly claim: If you are looking for quality, you will find Heesemann. Whether a craft business or industrial production in multi-shift operation – you will find the right Heesemann in our machine room. Promised.

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In which areas are our customers active?

Our expertise covers every relevant area and we have decades of experience supporting our international customers.

Heesemann machines are used in wood working in the processing in diverse areas.

Furniture and kitchen production

Möbel- und Küchenproduktion



High gloss production


Panel industry



Türen Fenster Treppen

Interior trim


ProfiRounder: available for the metalworking sector since 2016. 

ProfiRounder is the first fully modular machine concept meeting all ATEX requirements for dry processing of all metals. It has been designed for dry mixed processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and copper sheets. profiRounder has been developed to meet all industrial applications on one machine: slag and oxide removal, edge rounding, surface sanding and glazing.

Our customers work in the following industries:

  • Laser job shops
  • Commercial kitchen technology & food processing
  • Laboratory & medical technology
  • Equipment & mechanical engineering
  • Steel service centers
  • Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, rail vehicles, vehicle construction

Heesemann machines are also used for other materials such as in prefabricated house construction, interior design, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc.

Every “Heesemann” is unique and is configured to match your specific requirements.

We do not have mass production on an assembly line. Every “Heesemann” that leaves our factory is unique. They are each configured exactly the way the customer needs and assembled with the greatest attention to detail. In the first step, we create a detailed profile of your requirements and advise you to ensure that you receive the perfect machine configuration for your purposes. We generally carry out trials together with our customers at our test and demonstration center to validate their specific concept. Our extensive experience with customers from a vast range of industries is worth its weight in gold. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a reference list of machines that we have delivered, including those in your industry or in your vicinity. You are welcome to form your own opinion.

Good reasons to choose Heesemann

Developing and offering you the best technical and commercial package is our top priority. One thing is clear: Heesemann will never be the lowest cost supplier on the market when it comes to purchase price. But we will never lose because of the price, either. Initially, a Heesemann machine may be a little more expensive but over the course of its lifetime, the machine will ultimately be far more efficient (lifecycle costs). We achieve this by using wear-free components such as CSD® magnetic pressure beams instead of pneumatic elements, electronic brake systems instead of mechanical brake systems, assemblies manufactured in-house where we have full control over the quality, etc.

You know how much it costs you when your production stands still for even a single day. With an almost maintenance-free Heesemann, this is one thing that you no longer have worry about. Our sanding machines are the product of more than 85 years of experience and innovation. These technical advantages are what set us apart in comparison to our competitors: But see for yourself:

The highest surface quality through

  • maintenance-free magnetic CSD® pressure beam with far more sensitive sanding pressure adjustment compared to pneumatic elements
  • In-house production of critical interfaces between the machine assemblies via a special CNC machine
  • Fine balancing of all rotating assemblies on the machine to eliminate any vibrations

Innovation leadership through the continuous development of new sanding, grinding, brushing and edge rounding concepts

  • Leading orbital sanding unit for solid wood applications with demanding grain patterns
  • The unique RUT uniform sanding disc brush unit and RUL brush roller unit
  • New DB-S multirotation brush units
  • Leading ‘human-machine interface’ (HMI) also for optimizing tool use
  • Production of surfaces with sophisticated optical structures using SSF technology
  • Maintenance-free CSD® electronically controlled precision pressure bar

Reduced life cycle costs through

  • Smart use of electrical energy, compressed air and vacuum (energy management system)
  • Wear free components (such as CSD® magnetic pressure beam instead of pneumatic elements, electronic brake instead of mechanical brake system)
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Spare parts remain available for decades
  • Minimal maintenance costs (due to sanding belt cleaning directly after sanding without moving the dust over the hole unit, machinery base height adjustment via toothed belts instead of chains)

The longest service life due to the use of high-quality components manufactured in-house


Ensuring full control of the product quality

  • Maximum machine safety for our customers (e.g. reduced fire risk due to drive motors mounted on the unit instead of in the machine base)
  • Easy maintenance due to easy accessibility (e.g. drive motors on the unit, drive belts, easily accessible control cabinets, etc.)

Take a look here if you would like to learn more about our innovations: Technologies

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