Heesemann expands its sanding machine portfolio with three new models

SWT-100, HSM Compact and HSM New Edition form the entry-level segment in Heesemann’s sanding machine portfolio.

Bad Oeynhausen, 14 march 2023

Less than a year has passed since Heesemann and HOMAG announced their technology partnership for sanding machines. HOMAG’s declared aim was to continue to cover the customer’s entire process chain. Responsibility for the development and production of sanding machines will remain with Heesemann in the future. Heesemann has now expanded its sanding machine portfolio to offer universal solutions for every segment from entry-level to high-end solutions.  And the results are impressive.

New entry models developed in the shortest time

Heesemann sanding machines are optimally designed for continuous use in industrial series production due to their robust construction and outstanding performance features. However, in recent years, increasing numbers of customers from the trades along with small and medium-sized businesses have also shown an interest in automated sanding. The HSM, Heesemann’s smallest machine to date, has proven particularly popular in this segment. The new entry-level models, SWT-100 and HSM Compact, round out the range of machines at the lower end while the HSM series has been completely revised as the “New Edition”. Now even the most discerning tradespeople can benefit from industrial technology at affordable prices. Because all of the machines share one thing in common: All of the models are built around Heesemann DNA. Heesemann makes no compromises when it comes to the quality of the sanded product. Regardless of whether a KSA or an SWT-100 is used, the proven Heesemann quality remains the same.

SWT-100: The entry into professional sanding

The SWT-100 is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized craft businesses when it comes to carrying out customer-specific sanding for surface finishing. Whether as a single or double belt machine, the five predefined configurations with a working width of 1,100 mm are perfect for manufacturing the production kitchens, office and solid wood furniture. The machine also effortlessly handles calibrating and fine sanding solid wood, sanding veneers and intermediate lacquer sanding. Up until a year ago, HOMAG offered the SWT-100 and it is now available as a Heesemann machine.

HSM Compact: The versatile all-round machine for demanding tradespeople

The HSM Compact was developed from the former SWT-200. This model now features numerous Heesemann technologies such as the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam utilised in all other Heesemann machines, the spindle height adjustment in the machine frame along with the absolutely plane-parallel Heesemann vacuum table for producing workpieces with perfect dimensional accuracy and, finally, a highly efficient extraction system for reduced energy consumption.

The HSM Compact  is exceptionally user-friendly and capable of carrying out all of the various tasks with consistent quality: Calibration, intermediate veneer and lacquer sanding, structuring as well as cleaning panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces. The multifunctional sanding centre has a footprint of only 4.5 square metres and is ideal for producing a wide range of surface qualities. The HSM Compact is Heesemann’s smallest machine equipped with the maintenance-free CSD magnetic pressure beam as standard. It is available as a single-belt and a double-belt machine with six standard configurations and a range of useful equipment options.

HSM New Edition: The automated surface sander for craft and industry

The HSM New Edition represents the consistent advancement of the successful HSM series. The popular DB-S planetary head unit is now available for the first time in an entry-level machine. Whether effect sanding, cross sanding, lacquer or high-gloss sanding, panels, solid wood or veneered workpieces – the HSM New Edition is capable of processing workpieces with a thickness ranging from 3 mm to 200 mm. The machine features automatic workpiece thickness measurement across the entire processing width at the machine infeed. Both the sanding belt speed on all fine sanding units and the feed speed (3-15 m/min) can be steplessly adjusted. The HSM series is now available as a two, three or four-belt machine with 17 possible standard configurations as well as an extensive range of equipment options.

The torch has been passed on successfully

A handover event in Bad Oeynhausen in mid-February celebrated the successful completion of the project at Heesemann. In addition to the German-speaking sales team, international colleagues also attended via live video. The event clearly highlighted the cooperation in the sales and service network in addition to the technical areas. Peter Niederer, HOMAG Switzerland manager, reported on initial joint sales successes and shared his “secret for success”:

„The quality of the machines is simply unique. The results speak for themselves because no other machine is capable of achieving the same surfaces as a Heesemann. The Heesemann DNA is noticeable in every single machine. Ultimately, this also convinces our customers. It as a true pleasure to have machines like this in our portfolio! “
Peter Niederer, Sales HOMAG Switzerland

Thomas Nesemeier, Director Sales SME North Region Germany, HOMAG GmbH (left), and Christoph Giese, Managing Director Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (right) at the handover event.

Everyone is visibly satisfied:

„Hats off! Heesemann managed to successfully replace HOMAG sanding technology in such a short time. We can now offer our customers consistent solutions for every segment: from entry-level to high-end machines.“ 
Frederik Meyer, Executive Vice President Business Unit CNC Processing, HOMAG

„Both teams have done a remarkable job in recent weeks and months and I am truly proud of what they have achieved. Without the commitment of each and every one of us, we would certainly not have achieved this in such a short time. My sincere thanks to everyone involved.
Christoph Giese, Managing Director Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG 

SWT-100, HSM Compact and HSM New Edition form the entry-level segment in Heesemann’s sanding machine portfolio.

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