Edge rounding – rounding sheet metal edges with profiRounder by Heesemann

Sharp edges are not welcomed in technical applications. In the case of parts that are to be provided with corrosion protection, sharp edges prevent a sufficiently thick layer of powder or paint on the edge. In addition, sharp edges always involve the risc of injures – both during assembly and sometimes also for the end user e.g. when maintaining. Rounding edges ensures that enough paint is deposited on the edge to ensure adequate corrosion protection and eliminates the risk of injury. Laser and / or punching inevitably creates very sharp edges that have to be rounded. Here the profiRounder from Heesemann is an efficient and powerful solution.

Edge rounding on sheet metal parts – how are the sharp edges created??

  • Laser cutting
  • Punching
  • Water jet cutting

and also on heavier plate the processes

  • Oxyfuel cutting
  • Plasma cutting

create sharp edges. Edge rounding is neccessary, due to the above mentioned reasons.

Edge rounding: Manual rounding of edges

Rounding edges manually with the flex or file has considerable disadvantages. Depending on the thickness of the sheets and the strength of the burrs, the work is very tiring, loud and exhausting. In addition, the worker is exposed to a considerable amount of dust. In addition, there is always a secondary burr at the points where the grinding wheel exits the angle grinder. The result is a rounded edge with limited quality and a high level of sick leave among employees.

Automatic edge rounding offers the solution: Consistent, excellent quality with minimal workload.

Automatic edge rounding in detail

The profiRounder grinding machines for rounding edges are innovative systems and offer different grinding processes. Both the RUL unit with abrasive lamella brushes and the RUT unit with abrasive deburring discs are available for rounding edges.

Both units are characterized by the fact that the edges of the workpieces are processed 100% evenly. The RUL unit rounds the workpiece edges with so-called grinding lamella rollers with a diameter of 350 mm and a width of 360 mm. 6 brushes rotate around both a horizontal and a vertical axis. The brushes are guided on a circulating path over the conveyor belt so that all workpiece edges are processed with exactly the same intensity: 100% evenly.

Abrasive lamella brush-rollers are also suitable for very strong radii of 2mm and more as well as for galvanized and vinyl coated sheets – without damaging the zinc layer or foil. They even can be used for parts with upforms. 

Due to its design, it is the only unit on the market with pressure rollers in front of, between and behind the brushes, so that long, narrow parts can be held on the conveyor belt without a vacuum.